Palliative Care

When approaching the end of life, home is the place you would like to be. It’s the safest place that’s free from threats and distressing distractions, a place filled with warm memories from years gone by.

Here, at Tailormade Healthcare, we deliver high quality care to your loved one at this most important stage of their life.

Compassion is at the heart of the care we deliver. If you are looking for bespoke support without the typical restrictions of a hospital or care home for your loved one then please contact us.

At times, specialist medical care will be required in order to ensure the patient is as comfortable as possible. We will be more than happy to liaise with other medical agencies to support you at this time.

Our palliative care support workers are highly flexible and care can be tailored to your precise needs.

To learn more about our palliative care services please contact us today.